The CMS Drift Tube Chambers

The Drift Tube chambers are a fundamental component of the CMS detector. Their aim is to identify, measure and trigger on muons from LHC collisions in the central part of the detector. Each chamber is a gaseous detector composed by hundreds of individual measurement units called "cells", capable of reconstructing muon tracks on a large detection surface. Many interesting physics signals from CMS contain high momentum muons, therefore a highly performant muon system is fundamental.

Our group has been a member of the DT group since the first stages of the experiment. We have participated in the design and assembly of the system, having built in our workshop almost 30% of the detector, and most of its readout electronics. Since more than 15 years the construction, tests, commissioning, operation, maintenance and upgrade of the detector are one of the main activities of our group. 

  • DT description
  • Operation
  • Future upgrades